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Hey it's Rose and enter this mind palace of supernatural and timey-wimey stuff!

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For Gemma - as a late present - sorry you had to work on your birthday sweety! *hug* - SN: 08x05

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You're a good soldier, Hannah, and one of the best.

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library au where sherlock is sitting at a desk watching john trying to reach a book on a high shelf, when john looks over his shoulder sherlock quickly picks up the book in front of him and pretends to read it, John just smirks and as he passes sherlock on his way out he leans down to his ear and whispers “it’s upside down” and leaves a blushing sherlock stuttering an excuse

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the worst part about going back to school is the sudden and constant presence of heterosexuals

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shine bright like an overly detailed anime eyeball drawn by a seventh grader on their math homework

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